One Health Anthem

by | Jan 17, 2017 | My Write Ups, One Health

The One Health Club of the University of the University of Nairobi have developed a One Health Anthem as below:

“We are one health,
A multidisciplinary society,
Bound together by a love for Africa,

A free Africa, free from disease, hunger and war,

Ooh Africa my home my love my peace my joy,

Eee one health ,
we aspire for quality products ,quality animals and a healthy people free from diseases free from hunger and free from war.

So let’s hold hands fight for each other not against each other we can do this if only we believe.

Coz Africa our home our love our peace and our joy,
Together let’s work for Africa.
Yeah .
One health one people one universe.”

The audio version is also available here:

Credits to Isaac Karuri, Dorothy Gaunye, Topirian Kerempe, Susan Mutuku, Simel Silau, Emonje Henry & Alice Kiarie for creating the audio version.


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