Making decisions

Making decisions

This post is a transcript of the Youtube video by Julian Kyula. 

“I have been asking myself how do we make decisions. I have found out that decisions are mental functions that lead to a particular action. Every one of us is here as a result of a decision that you have made. Blame the world all you want, blame your teacher all you want. Ultimately, we make decisions.

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I wanna deal with decisions today and I hope that you can make some clear decisions about what happens after this.

Five levels of knowledge

So I found out that when they do research they have five levels of knowledge. They have the lowest level of knowledge that’s called “assumption” or “personal opinion“, they have another level after that called “hypothesis” then they have the next third level called “thesis“, fourth level that is called “law” and the fifth level is called “truth” or “fact“.

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From which level are you getting advice?

So when people come and try to influence my decisions I always ask myself a very fundamental question. From which level of knowledge are you giving me this advice. Is it from a personal opinion perspective or from a truth and fact perspective. So analyzing self is a very important piece of being a very good leader, or being a great father, being a great person or mother. And what we have to do is to make sure you are not over judging yourself in something that you are not supposed to be.

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90% of us make decisions based on other person’s personal opinions

But when people come and give you personal opinions, I’ve found through some research, that 90% of us make decisions based on other person’s personal opinions. What does that mean? You are actually making decisions based on the fact that people came to speak to you on the lowest level of knowledge. Ooops!

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So how do you make the right decisions?

You need to make decisions to relate. Make decisions to honour. The weight of negatives against positives is the direction of a decision. Weigh it carefully, ask yourself:  What do I want to do? Where do I want to be? How do I want to react to this? And sometimes there is only one thing that people cannot mis-quote, is called silence. You don’t have to answer everything.

Take some time before making a decision

Next time people want you to make a quick decision, take some time. Go make some serious deliberation. Make some notes around it. Take your decisions seriously. Make sure every decision you make from now is a decision that is true you may have do it when afraid; but at the same time make an educated decision. Make a decision based on the truth, don’t make a decision based on a personal opinion.”


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