One Health Anthem

One Health Anthem

The One Health Club of the University of the University of Nairobi have developed a One Health Anthem as below:

“We are one health,
A multidisciplinary society,
Bound together by a love for Africa,

A free Africa, free from disease, hunger and war,

Ooh Africa my home my love my peace my joy,

Eee one health ,
we aspire for quality products ,quality animals and a healthy people free from diseases free from hunger and free from war.

So let’s hold hands fight for each other not against each other we can do this if only we believe.

Coz Africa our home our love our peace and our joy,
Together let’s work for Africa.
Yeah .
One health one people one universe.”

The audio version is also available here:

Credits to Isaac Karuri, Dorothy Gaunye, Topirian Kerempe, Susan Mutuku, Simel Silau, Emonje Henry & Alice Kiarie for creating the audio version.


Conquest of Ebola in Humans and Animals

Conquest of Ebola in Humans and Animals

“Conquest of Ebola in Humans and Animals” by Thomas P. Monath, MD…. highlights:

  1. The use of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV), a virus causing infection and disease in animals (cattle, horses, and pigs), as the backbone for construction of a human Ebola vaccine is certainly noteworthy in the context of One Health, although there are analogous examples (e.g. vaccinia).
  2. Like other zoonoses this disease exemplifies many principles of One Health.
  3. Now that the control of human Ebola virus disease appears to be close at hand through the use of a vaccine, extension to animal species affected by this disease is the next horizon. Reaching that goal will require close collaboration across the medical and veterinary fields, ecologists, conservation scientists, and others in the One Health community.

Potential of Social Media and Internet-Based Data in Preventing and Fighting Infectious Diseases

Potential of Social Media and Internet-Based Data in Preventing and Fighting Infectious Diseases

This article reports on the importance of using social media and the Internet in the fight against infectious diseases. Disadvantages and advantages of data gathered from social media and the Internet for public health use are also discussed. Examples and exploration of tools like GT is also given with its own opportunities and challenges. Future challenges and current gaps are also highlighted in this chapter so that future strategies can be formulated in order to improve contemporary surveillance system.


This article can be accessed online at:

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