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Research Assistant (International Livestock Research Institute)
Dr. Kelvin Momanyi

Dr. Kelvin Momanyi

Veterinary Surgeon


Dr Kelvin Momanyi is a research veterinarian with over 4 years professional and research experience in One Health, Veterinary Medicine and public science communication. He was the recipient of the Young Veterinarian of the Year Award (2016/17) conferred by the Kenya Veterinary Association. He is currently a Research Assistant working at the International Livestock Research Institute under the Zoonoses in Livestock in Kenya (ZooLinK) suite of projects. His research interests are in One Health, Zoonotic Diseases, Public Health and Public science communication. His previous research has been on the evaluation of the implementation of One Health in Kenya using the NEOH One Health framework and previously worked on a study exploring One Health and cancer in human and dogs.

View his full profile on LinkedIn: https://ke.linkedin.com/in/momanyink

View his full profile on institutional website: https://www.ilri.org/users/kmomanyi





    • Momanyi NK, Korir RA, Mutiga RE. One Health and cancer: A comparative study of human and canine cancers in Nairobi. Int J One Health 2016;2:42-57. doi:10.14202/IJOH.2016.42-57





You can get in touch with me through my email at momanyinkNOSPAM@gmail.com (please remove the ‘NOSPAM’ part of the address before sending or social channels below:

Dr Kelvin Momanyi

Veterinary Surgeon

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